Connecting the pro bono community

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What we do

iProbono is a non-profit online network connecting civil society organisations and social businesses in need of legal assistance with lawyers and students who want to use their legal skills for the public good.

The network’s global outreach enables people to engage in projects from around the world and allows organisations to source assistance across jurisdictions.

To find out more about some of the organisations we have worked with and learn about our campaigns, go to our case studies and our news archive.

How we are structured

iProbono operates globally with field offices in London, New Delhi, Dhaka and Islamabad.

iProbono was founded in 2009 as a company limited by guarantee (a non-profit organisation) and is registered with the Charity Commission (no.1148556). In India, iProbono is incorporated as a s.25 company.

Our sustaining supporters include Fieldfisher LLP and the Commonwealth Foundation.

Our people
Shireen Irani
Ellen Fleming
Douglas Peniston
Roger James
Swathi Sukumar
Zhooben Bhiwandiwala
Shaveena Anam
Priyanka Dahiya
Mariam Faruqi
Narayan Gopalan
Stuti Govil
Raihan Islam
Saurabh Malik
Binita Modi
Aritha Wickramasinghe
What they say about us

"It's fantastic to see so many legal professionals lending their time and expertise to help charities and social businesses flourish."


Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

"I would definitely recommend iProbono to anyone looking for a meaningful way to use their professional skills."


LLM Candidate, Harvard Law School

"Doing pro bono work helps us step back for a minute, to stop and think about issues outside our own little busy worlds."


Legal & Corporate Affairs, Microsoft