Listen to our podcast series where panel lawyers discuss their experiences of pro bono lawyering

Tune in to the first season of our podcast series, “Pro Bono Profiles”, featuring conversations with our leading panel lawyers on their work. These episodes were shared across our social media platforms, including Spotify and SoundCloud. In each episode, we get an insight into the personal motivations and experiences of our panel lawyers, their collaboration with iProbono, and the need for pro bono lawyering.  

The series touches on a range of critical issues – from delays in child sexual abuse cases to complex housing rights questions, to gender and reproductive rights. Each episode was hosted by a member of iProbono’s program team. 

Episode 1: Former Program Officer Madhulika T. in Conversation with Rohan Kothari on Survivor Rights in Child Sexual Abuse Cases 

Advocate Rohan Kothari, based in Bengaluru, talks about representing children in POCSO courts and the crucial role played by the counsel for the complainant and survivor. The episode features a discussion on the landmark case Bibi Ayesha v. UoI, where Kothari successfully advocated for the rights of children to be heard in court. Through his extensive experience, he shares both the obstacles faced in access to justice and the space for improvements in judicial sensitivity and law enforcement training.

Episode 2: Senior Program Officer Nimisha Menon In Conversation with Faraz Maqbool on Representing Child Survivors in POCSO Cases

Faraz Maqbool, a Delhi-based criminal lawyer, discusses what drives him to do pro bono work. He also speaks about the slow pace of court proceedings in child sexual abuse cases through moving examples, where victims grow up to be adults while their cases barely proceed in the court.  Listen to his insights on the impact this can have on victims’ lives.

Screenshot of Pro Bono Profiles playlist on YouTube

Episode 3: Program Officer Amla Shejwadkar In Conversation with Anubha Rastogi on Reproductive Rights and Access to Justice

Anubha Rastogi, a gender rights lawyer based in Mumbai, talks about how sexual activity is frequently perceived solely through the prism of criminality. She also raised the issue of absence of comprehensive sex education among children, and how that can impact access to justice.

Episode 4: Senior Program Officer Karuvaki Mohanty In Conversation with Gauri Puri on Housing Rights

Gauri Puri, a housing rights lawyer based in Delhi, speaks about the proliferation of bastis or illegal settlements in Delhi, while raising the challenge of inadequate implementation of rules and laws governing these settlements. Puri highlighted how the disparity of resources in an ever-expanding city like Delhi makes housing rights unaffordable for marginalised communities, despite their being an essential part of the city.  

We return with Season 2 of Pro Bono Profiles from April 2024, featuring  our panel lawyers from Sri Lanka. Stay tuned for more enlightening conversations and subscribe to our social media channels for updates.

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