Legal Tangle: The Clash Between Reproductive Rights and Child Protection Laws...

17 May 2024
The contradictions between these key laws in India are affecting adolescents' access to safe reproductive healthcare.

From Theory to Practice: A Secondment Journey

09 November 2023
A personal reflection by a Justice Leila Seth Fellow on how her experience of secondment led to broadening perspectives in criminal law.

My Parallel Worlds: A Mother’s Journey with iProbono

04 October 2023
Binita Modi, iProbono's Operations Director, shares her heartfelt journey, highlighting the power of empathy in bridging disparities.

The Impact of Helping One: A Glimpse into the Lives of Migrant Workers

01 October 2023
Deeksha share her personal story that served as inspiration for iProbono's Workers' Rights Vertical.

Justice Leila Seth Fellowship: A Stepping Stone to My Judicial Career

05 June 2023
It was 24 March 2023. I was just back home from a team retreat in Jim Corbett. As I was showing pictures of the trip to my parents, I got a text on my phone saying, “DJS result out”. For … (Read More)

Why India Should Consider Releasing Undertrials on Probation

25 May 2023
Given the high number of undertrials lodged in India’s prisons, there is a need to examine how a law on pretrial probation can prove to be useful.

Residents Not Encroachers: Why Pro Bono Work is Crucial 

16 January 2023
On a chilly winter night in Delhi, Rinky* felt someone touching her from behind when she was trying to sleep. She is a 19-year-old with a disability who lives on the footpath and makes a living by selling flowers at … (Read More)

Of Love and Honour

26 July 2022
Throughout history, women are expected to protect the ‘honour’ of their families, often with deadly consequences. Such homicides are difficult to quantify because many of them go unreported. Headlines like ‘couples charred to death’; ‘women found with … (Read More)
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