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Juvenile Injustice? iProbono’s Study on Children in Adult Prisons

24 May 2024
Our RTI-based report reveals the lapses in India’s juvenile justice system  iProbono India launched the report from an important study on the wrongful incarceration of children in prisons, along with an in-depth discussion around this often-overlooked issue. The report, titled … (Read More)

Legal Education as Transformation: iProbono’s Collaboration with Universiti...

16 May 2024
Legal education is evolving to not only foster an understanding of laws but also to encourage critical thinking among students. In keeping with this progressive approach, iProbono has devised a certificate course on ‘Laws Relating to Children:  In Theory and Practice’. … (Read More)

Pro Bono Profiles: Bridging Legal Gaps with Our Panel Lawyers 

03 April 2024
Listen to our podcast series where panel lawyers discuss their experiences of pro bono lawyering Tune in to the first season of our podcast series, “Pro Bono Profiles”, featuring conversations with our leading panel lawyers on their work. These episodes were … (Read More)

Lost Years: A Minor’s Struggle for Justice

08 March 2024
Neha* spent six years being unjustly held in an adult jail, despite having been arrested when she was a minor. Last week, after three months of efforts from our team, iProbono was able to secure her bail. While Neha has … (Read More)

Empowering Organisations with Customised POSH Solutions

11 December 2023
“The session conducted by the iProbono team on creating a more gender-inclusive organisation was phenomenal. As an organisation working with transgender community and having trans community employees, TWEET required a customised intervention. They made sure that our team understood the … (Read More)

Notable Compensation in Child Sexual Abuse Case

“Restorative and Compensatory justice is an indispensable facet of contemporary criminal justice system and award of monetary compensation to victims of crime is the most basic step in that direction.” State v. Vijay, SC/6784/2016 In December 2023, iProbono achieved a … (Read More)

BTS and iProbono: Uniting for Climate Action in Sunderban

09 November 2023
The issues relating to climate change remain a defining issue of our time. India is susceptible to wide-scale climate change-related risks due to its geographical location, topography, and ecosystems. Currently, we are the 7th most affected nation due to climate … (Read More)

Lost in the System: A Five-Year Journey for Justice

23 October 2023
When he was 17, Rahul* (name changed) was arrested on various criminal charges and detained at a “place of safety”- the formal name for a facility for children in conflict with the law. Since he was a minor, Rahul’s case … (Read More)
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