Inclusion & Disability: Eradicating Stereotypes

28 March 2024
A submission to the Supreme Court of India advocating for eradicating harmful stereotypes against persons with disabilities

Submissions to UN Special Rapporteur on Prostitution

iProbono India submits to UN Special Rapporteur on prostitution issues, advocating for evidence-based reforms and collaboration.

A Balancing Act: Housing Rights vs the Environment

28 April 2023
A discussion on the importance of balancing the environmental health of a city and the housing rights of citizens.

A Session on the Incarceration of Children in Adult Jails

13 April 2023
A summary of iProbono's session on the causes and necessary interventions related to the incarceration of children in adult jails.

Guidelines: Appearance of Survivors in POCSO Bail Hearings

11 April 2023
In Babulal v. State, the court noted that insistence on the presence of the survivor in court can impact their psyche adversely.

Witness Protection Scheme, 2018: A Summary

10 April 2023
A summary note giving an overview of the provisions of the Witness Protection Scheme 2018 for witnesses who are threatened or intimidated.

POCSO Trials: A Guide for Victims’ Counsels

01 April 2023
A resource for lawyers working on POCSO cases, with information on the roles of various government stakeholders and the victims' counsel.

iProbono at 10: A Decade of Enabling Justice in India

31 March 2023
A timeline of iProbono's work in India since its inception a decade ago.
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