Every 20 minutes, the world adds another 3,500 human lives but loses one or more entire species of animal or plant life – at least 27,000 species per year.[1] According to recent data from the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau and State Forest and Police Authorities, about 2054 cases of wild animal killings or illicit trafficking were documented in India between 2018-2020.

Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) was founded in 1998 in response to the many crises that India’s wildlife and wild habitats were facing. It is India’s leading wildlife and nature conservation charity, dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural world and its unique ecosystems. It currently manages multiple conservation projects such as National Elephant Corridors, The Centre for Bear Rehabilitation and Conservation, and Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation, among others. 

iProbono has provided legal assistance to WTI through its network of lawyers for a variety of projects and we are delighted to support them in their efforts to conserve wildlife and the environment. Here are some of the projects for which iProbono provided legal assistance to WTI –

FCRA complianceWTI reached out to iProbono in March 2021 for advice in relation to the new FCRA regulations and their implementation. Our network lawyer Rashni Jahani provided them with the legal assistance they requested.

Legal advice –

  • In March 2021, WTI sought legal assistance regarding an ongoing marketing collaboration, which was provided by our network lawyer Sameeksha Chowla from Touchstone Partners.
  • During the same month,  iProbono’s network lawyer Ravi Sawana supported WTI with GST/tax advice.
  • In May 2021, WTI contacted iProbono seeking advice on professional tax and ESIC related queries. They received legal counsel from our network lawyers Nikhil George and Probir Roy Chowdhury of JSA, Bangalore.

According to Sathyan A V, Chief of Management and CFO, Wildlife Trust of India, “As an NGO that commits more than 80 per cent funds to direct conservation action, WTI is delighted to engage with iProbono as it has helped the organisation with essential legal advice that would have otherwise dented our already shrinking budgets.”

[1] “Evolution: Library: The Current Mass Extinction – PBS.” https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/library/03/2/l_032_04.html. Accessed 27 Dec. 2021.

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